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You may be the best auto body specialist out there–you’ve done hundreds of successful repairs, you are polite to customers, and your shop is clean. But how do you get people to notice? Auto Body shop advertising has proven to be a success. However, when marketing ideas are not implemented correctly, even the best repair jobs can fall flat on their faces.

How marketing Relates to Branding

Before marketing there was branding. In marketing, a brand is a name associated with a product or service. This typically has some distinguishing characteristics that separate it from other brands. A brand can be constructed with marketing techniques to help people remember and identify the difference between your shop and competitors.

Marketing is much more than advertising. By marketing your shop and its services, you can increase brand awareness. You can also build a solid reputation as an expert in the field.

Successful marketing takes many forms besides just ads. Marketing ideas include every aspect of reaching out to potential customers including marketing campaigns, social media marketing initiatives, contests, free samples and events. It’s important to remember marketing efforts need to be cost-effective and time efficient. For this reason, marketing ideas should focus on reaching your target audience through mediums they already utilize and understand.

What is Marketing Mix?

A marketing mix is a marketing tool that helps you determine the appropriate marketing strategies for your shop’s specific situation. The four P’s of marketing–price, product, promotion, and place–represent marketing concepts you need to consider when marketing your shop. The marketing mix is typically the responsibility of marketing managers or directors.

Each marketing idea should be evaluated separately on what it does for the business based on the four Ps. If marketing ideas are not implemented correctly, they may cause more harm than good.

Build a Solid Foundation with On-going Training

Be sure to take marketing training courses and workshops to learn the marketing tools that work best for your shop. These marketing ideas should be tested and monitored for success before implementing them full-scale in your marketing plan:

Social media marketing: Social media marketing is one of the top marketing ideas because it helps you connect with current and potential clients. This is a cost-effective way that can open new doors and bring in more clients.

Social marketing ideas include:

Facebook marketing – potential customers are already on Facebook, give them a reason to come to your page as well.

LinkedIn marketing – build credibility by connecting with other professionals who have shared interests.

Twitter marketing – target your audience to determine the best marketing hashtags for this medium.

Online marketing blog – use an online marketing blog to build credibility and trust with potential customers by offering helpful tips, advice and other information.

Video marketing: Record a video of an auto body repair and post it on YouTube or another video-sharing website. The marketing ideas behind video marketing are no different than marketing through other mediums–the goal is to create an emotional connection between the customer and your brand.

Auto Body Shop Advertising Ideas: Online Marketing Blogs

An online marketing blog is another marketing idea that can help you connect with current and potential customers. Sharing helpful information on a regular basis helps establish your shop as an expert in the field, while also providing useful tips for how to maintain vehicles. If done correctly, your marketing blog will become a “go-to” source of information for people interested in the auto body industry.

Brand Awareness Through Marketing Campaigns

A marketing campaign is a marketing idea that can be used to raise your shop’s public image and increase brand recognition. Marketing campaigns often have a specific goal, such as increasing customer capacity or driving traffic to your website. Each marketing campaign should have a clear objective, creative marketing ideas, and measurable marketing results.

Take advantage of marketing opportunities:

Marketing opportunities can include any type of event or opportunity where you would like to promote your shop, such as:

Dealer/franchise shows

Car shows

Public city events

Community events

Marketing at the public city and community events provides marketing ideas for marketing your shop in a local market. By taking advantage of marketing opportunities such as these, you can increase brand awareness while also reaching potential customers where they live and work.

Be sure to conduct market research:

It’s important to know who your target customer is and what marketing ideas will resonate with them. Conduct marketing research to learn as much as you can about your target audience and marketing ideas that will attract them.

Customer Surveys: A Tool for Your Auto Body Shop Advertising

Customer surveys allow you to gather important marketing information from your current and potential customers through market research. A survey typically includes a series of marketing questions posted on an online marketing website that customers click on to answer. The marketing questions can include open-ended marketing ideas or more closed marketing questions that provide simple marketing answers like “yes” and “no.”

Create Marketing Videos

Videos are one of the most engaging marketing ideas; they allow potential clients to get a feel for what your marketing company is about through marketing videos and marketing ideas.

Video marketing should include:

A clear marketing objective

A specific call-to-action marketing idea

High-quality video production marketing ideas

Marketing videos showcasing your best work or employees’ best work.

Customer Referral Program for your Auto Body Shop

People are more likely to do business with someone they know and trust. A customer referral marketing program offers marketing ideas for converting your marketing customers into marketing ambassadors who introduce new people to your brand.

A successful customer referral marketing program includes:

-Clear marketing objectives

-Marketing strategies that appeal to the target audience

There are many marketing ideas you can use to create a customer referral marketing program, below are a few examples:

– Offer marketing incentives for people who successfully refer new business to your shop. For example, give them a percentage of the sale or give them an automatic discount on their next service. This works especially well if you offer services like free inspections and free estimates along with your standard repair services.

– Use social media to promote customer referrals. For example, create a customer referral program on Facebook and use your shop’s business page to ask people who recommend you for an auto body repair service to post reviews on your page after their referrals visit your shop. Some businesses also offer “refer-a-friend” type deals through their social media accounts.

Whatever marketing ideas you use to create a customer referral program, it’s important to ensure that your promotions are clear and easy to understand. The more simple the promotion is, the easier it will be for customers to remember it and act on it.

Grow your Auto Body Shop Local Online Presence

One of the best ways you can increase sales at your body shop is by growing your local online presence.

Local SEO helps increase sales by:

– Attracting new customers

– Increasing brand awareness

– Encouraging social media shares and reviews. Local SEO is a marketing method that will help your auto body shop rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) for local, geo-specific searches such as “auto body repair shops near me.”

Local SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy that delivers buyers to your business because the majority of internet users search for products and services locally before making a purchase.

Using Local SEO for Your Auto Body Shop Advertising

If you are just starting with Local SEO, follow these basic steps:

-Register all your business details through Google My Business. This will ensure your shop’s Local SEO is optimized from the start. This is a free marketing tool provided by Google to all businesses and it makes it easy for customers to learn about your business, provide reviews, and contact you with Local SEO. Google My Business also allows users to map directions from their current location to your local shop.

-Make sure all your Local SEO profile information is accurate and complete. Local SEO includes details such as business hours, pictures, address, phone number, and more. Each of these details is important for your Local SEO.

-Display a Local SEO badge on your website (provided by Google My Business). If you are unfamiliar with Local SEO or need help to improve yours, marketing companies can help you implement Local SEO and monitor and improve it over time.

Partner with Other (non-competitor) Local Businesses

This is very effective. Your marketing costs go way down because you are promoting other businesses while marketing yourself for free. Local car dealerships, tow truck services, insurance agents that provide auto claims handling, and paint & supply stores can all become partners with your business.

It is important to design marketing materials that include all your marketing partners’ logos and contact information. For example, if you are partnering with more than one car dealership, design marketing materials that show the logos of both dealerships.

When designing marketing materials, keep in mind two important details – simplicity and quality. Your marketing efforts should be easy to understand for everyone who sees them. It should be a marketing program that anyone could implement for their business.

Quality, or lack thereof, is another marketing mistake many auto body shops make. If your marketing materials aren’t high quality, including poor printing and bad design, you’re going to turn people off from your marketing efforts. Your marketing materials must look professional if you are going to gain the respect of your marketing partners and prospects.

Get Involved Locally

Community marketing is beneficial on many levels. It helps you get your name out there by marketing through various outlets under one roof. It also allows you to show support for your community, which will make you more of an asset to your part of the state or country. Finally, it can be a great help when it comes to marketing your auto body shop online and marketing your auto body shop locally.

People love supporting local businesses and purchasing from the businesses that make their community a great place to live. A marketing company can help you market your business in various ways, but marketing through the community you serve will be by far the most beneficial. Some of these marketing strategies include marketing on the radio, marketing through local papers, and marketing through word of mouth. These strategies can help you grow your business by getting new customers and growing your online marketing platform as well.

Once you’ve decided to market locally, it’s time to engage with the community outside of marketing. What better way than to join a local board or take a seat at the chamber of commerce? When it comes to marketing, everyone can use a local marketing strategy, and that marketing should be aimed toward your community first.

Auto Body Shop Online Advertising

Each day, auto body shop advertising specialists are coming up with new ways to market businesses online. One marketing method you should make sure to take advantage of is marketing on Facebook, as marketing your auto body shop through that demographic is one of the best ways to attract new customers and keep those customers coming back into your location.

Make sure you have a website if marketing your auto body shop online, as marketing a business without a web presence doesn’t make much sense.

Once you have a website, content marketing is your next step. You can’t just go around putting content out without any order or organization to it. That content needs to be organized in such a way that potential customers can easily see what you’re talking about.

For example, if you’re marketing your auto body shop locally and one of the content pieces is about getting your car back to showroom quality, make sure that content is easily visible to customers who are looking for a great car detailer.

You should also include content that ties into areas like:

– SEO content (keyword optimization content)

– content marketing (blog posts, articles, etc.)

– content that is socially relevant content (how-to videos etc.)

Once you have content on the site, make sure your content is making its way back to your community. Make sure all of the content you create for your auto body shop online has a target audience in mind.

Show Support for Community Initiatives 

In today’s world of marketing, automotive body shop advertising has become increasingly difficult. As shops compete with each other for new and returning customers they find the need to stand out among their competitors. Some great ways that auto body shops can advertise in order to attract new customers is through community initiatives and fundraisers.

A great way to get customers to know about their community is by having a fundraiser for local charities and organizations such as fundraisers for fire departments, animal shelters, schools, churches, or other community service agencies. This will help people feel good knowing that auto body shops are willing to assist in the community.


If you are struggling to attract new customers, it may be because your marketing strategy is not working. The best way for auto body shops to get the word out about their business and the services they offer is through marketing. By using a variety of advertising methods they can attract new customers and gain their trust to get them coming back for future services. The advantage of running an effective marketing campaign is that your business will progress over the years, allowing you to expand your company into other areas such as larger facilities or hiring more employees.

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